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In his first book...

Expressions From Within

W.T. Cole offers inspirational, poetic writings on life, beliefs, challenges, and spiritual growth.

In times of turmoil, W.T.Cole offers Christian poetry as inspirational writings in his book of poetry collections.  It is only through spiritual growth that our society will rise to prosper and enjoy clean, strong values. Download his E-Book now and enjoy Expressions from Within for only $2.00!

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“In his premier volume of poetry, Expressions by Cole, Wilbur T. Cole  presents a unique perspective on practicing Christian principles on all levels of society. By combining strength with sensitivity in his imagery, Cole provokes readers to examine their belief systems and how they affect their spiritual commitment.  Bible scriptures at the end of each poem bridge fundamental Christian words with the more personal style of Cole’s pointed messages reminding us of our social responsibility. Issues such as drug abuse, relationships, cultural influence, and self awareness make this book essential for study and meditation to motivate personal growth and social change.”

Ronna J. Zinn

Editor, Producer, Writer

Virtual Marketing & Publishing

 “Mr. Wilbur Cole’s Expressions from Within comes from many personal life experiences that can and will transform one’s walk with the Lord. His messages in poetry are inspirational and challenge your own inward struggles with the focus coming back to God’s deliverances in diverse ways.”


Dr. Harvey Jackson, Pastor

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church


“The scripture references in this book are the perfect compliment to these poems. Sometimes the scripture connection was unexpected and showed unique perspective on Mr. Cole’s part.”


Dr. Greg Mullinax

Memphis, TN

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